Jill Giordano :: artist/photographer



Update: My family has recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and while I am in transition, I will not be crafting. I have a million ideas in my head and can’t wait to take my art in some new directions. But for now, I am taking some time off.  

Formerly a St. Louis based creater, crafter and an all around doer. When I’m not working, I’m a mother of two wee boys and a crafting lady. I love it all.

I love taking photos and capturing different moments of vivid color and interesting lines. For now, I share these photos with you in the form of magnetic tiles. I also love giving personalized gifts to people and enjoy giving customers a unique way to showcase their favorite moments. I can turn any digital image into a Hipstamagnet.

Send me a comment or ask me a question! Jill@jillgiordano.com

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